Yoga Detour - Following the Detour: A Weekend Intensive

Following the Detour: A Weekend Intensive 
Join Kathryn Bruni-Young and Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour for a weekend of yoga and movement that will have you understanding both your body and your practice from a new frame of mind. Through anatomical and physiological perspectives on strength and mobility, we will deconstruct the yoga practice through a lens that is informed and accessible to all levels. Cecily and Kathryn are passionate about multi-disciplinary exploration, sharing a well-rounded, evolving approach that focuses on keeping your movement practice sustainable and injury-free. Don't miss the chance to study with two unique instructors sharing information that isn't being taught in typical yoga classes. 
About Cecily: Cecily is a yoga instructor and mobility specialist who practices what she preaches. Her skill in incorporating yoga principles with movement coaching reflects her dedication to helping her students and clientele find a balance between strength, ease and peace of mind.
About Kathryn: KBY is a movement coach with a diverse background. Her ability to incorporate principles of movement from a variety of disciplines gives her a wealth of knowledge from which to communicate her own, unique brand of strength training. 
When: Saturday June 18th and Sunday June 19th 1-7pm
Cost: $325+HST
This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels and is NOT restricted to yogis alone - so if Pilates or CrossFit is more your thing, there is still much to gain from attending this weekend. As a past participant writes: 
"I wanted to thank you for connecting so much of what you teach to how you can live more healthily and functionally in your body on a day-to-day basis (not just on a yoga mat). For example, the week after your workshop I realized how unhealthy my movements were when doing things like getting dressed, vacuuming, or emptying the dishwasher - I was tucking my butt and breaking at the waist to do all these things. Now I've turned all these mundane activities into opportunities for squatting, hip hinging, and maintaining a neutral spine, and after a few weeks I've broken a lot of my old habits (and hopefully I'm strengthening my body in the process). In 5 years of yoga practice I've workshopped with a lot of people, but everything I've learned has only applied to yoga (which I only spend a couple of hours doing each week). If I had one piece of feedback for you, it would be to continue to make healthy everyday movement a focus in your teachings because your workshop actually changed the way I move my body on a daily (if not minute-by-minute) basis!"
In terms of what will be covered:
- Introduction to spinal mechanics for improved posture and movement
- Exploration of core strength and its role in strength and mobility-focused practices
- Upper and lower body basics - using body-weight maneuvers to strengthen and protect the shoulder girdle, open up and stabilize the hip girdle
- Joint prep for wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, hands and feet
- Integrating simple muscle-activation exercises into traditional yoga practice to create an accessible approach to well-rounded mobility
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