Spiritual Archaeology Workshop


A 90-minute self-care ceremony designed to shake off the daily dust and dig deep into mind and body to excavate your inner wisdom and activate personal healing. 
Spiritual Archaeology is a blend of primal movement, yoga, guided shamanic journeying, and animal medicine. Using these timeless universal tools we will burrow down through the strata of self to uncover signs and symbols, unearthing 'artifacts of aliveness', what brings us, peace, purpose, and power. All while giving thanks and honoring the land, animals, humans, and life around us.

WHEN: Sundays Sept 9 - 30 ::: 6-8pm 

WHERE: MISFITSTUDIO Queen, 761 Queen St West, 3rd Floor

$125 for the 4-week session. (no drop-ins, sorry!)

More information & registration email: mara.munro@gmail.com