Saying goodbye to our Queen Studio | FAQ

We understand this news comes with a lot of emotions and questions. Below we've provided some details on what to expect as we move forward regarding the WHY behind our closing, your Queen Studio memberships, and what there is to look forward to!

Why are we closing Queen?!

Toronto real estate is what it is, and we have reached a point in our growth where we need more room to dance!!! So for now, our expansion is in development and we are in a time of incubation – allowing us to get really clear and intentional about our growth. evolution and rebirth. Something beautiful and amazing is in-store for 2019, a vision we can't wait to share with you as more details unfold! 

What's going to happen to my Queen Studio pass?

We will adjust all passes to be moved to mat passes at our Ossington Studio. If you have a Reformer-only membership, the difference in the mat vs Reformer membership price will be added to your account to increase your Ossington mat pass.

When is the last day I can visit the Queen Studio?

Our last day of classes will be Friday, December 28th, 2018. We will be having a closing ceremony to celebrate the studio and our time there on Saturday, December 29th – details to follow on Instagram!

Where is your Ossington Studio exactly?

Good news – it's just minutes away from our Queen Studio, located on the second floor of 88 Ossington Ave! See below for exact location (and proximity!) 

What can we expect for 2019?!

Sooo much to look forward to!!! Keep an eye on our website, our newsletter and MISFITSTUDIO's Instagram


If you have any further questions, please e-mail