"Movement is therapy for body and mind. Nobody regrets moving. It’s a call back into your body, back into self. It centres you, it heals you, and it reminds you that you’re alive."


How long have you been teaching?

Recent graduate of the MisfitMethod 2019 Class.

What makes your classes feely? 

I hope to cultivate a space that allows anyone to show-up for themselves and have the freedom to be human or whatever version of themselves they need in that moment. The playlists are pretty good too. 

An influential book in your life is...

The Four Agreements.

A passion of yours people may or may not know about is...

I love sudoku…

What is your astrological sun sign?

Earthy Capricorn.

Why do you love teaching at MISFITSTUDIO?

The people - it’s a family.
It’s where I find balance.


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