MISFITMETHOD Faculty - Lead Educator

Robyn Breen is a mover. A movement teacher, a movement learner, a movement artist.

A certified Pilates instructor since 2006, Robyn has been soaking up the MISFITMETHOD since 2012 . She completed the first ever MISFITMETHOD teacher training, and after years of assisting Amber, she now heads the program as Director of Education! Always learning and evolving, Robyn has completed courses in bodyART, Essentrics, Pre/Post Natal Yoga and Pilates, and Balanced Body Reformer Training, among others.

She is a practising and professional dance artist and holds a BFA (Honours) in dance from York University, and a certificate from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She is a member of the Toronto Dance Community Love-In where she is constantly training with leading movement experts from around the globe. Her dance practises inform all aspects of her teaching, which keeps her classes dynamic and ever evolving.


How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching movement for OVER SIXTEEN YEARS!!!

What makes your classes feely? 

My desire for sensational awareness. This idea of becoming aware of EVERY SINGLE CELL.

The ability to push the sensational boundaries is exciting, but maybe moreso is the ability to listen to the smallest of feelings.

An influential book in your life is...

Is "The Power of Now" cheesy? I listen to the audio book when I need some calm.

A passion of yours people may or may not know about is...

It's October 1st as I write this: I love halloween and scary movies. I write (amateur) reviews of horror flicks during the month of October on my Instagram pages under the hashtag #RobynsScaryReviews

What is your astrological sun sign?

The Cuddliest Cancer

Why do you love teaching at MISFITSTUDIO?

Before I even took a class there, I new it was the home for me. I had been teaching my own version of Pilates, my own mash-up of movement techniques and timing things to the music (which in most programs is suggested as being "background"). When I read about MISFIT online I thought "this is the place that will give me the freedom to teach MY way". Then I took Amber's class and finally found someone else who was shaking shit up, but even LOUDER! I love teaching at MISFITSTUDIO because I've always been a MISFIT, and this is where I belong.

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