Joy Dorsey is a health and wellness coach and a business consultant for yoga, pilates and movement studios. As a business consultant Joy brings her 10 years of experience as the General Manager at the Downward Dog Yoga Centre.  As a health and wellness coach Joy offers a unique and refreshing perspective to clients wishing to improve their relationship with food and body.  With all clients she strives to inspire and empower!

Return to Wholeness: Healing your relationship with food and body
Topic: Healthy - The Latest fad diet
with Joy Dorsey

Saturday, September 17 
Price: $35+hst

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This is an on-going workshop, held monthly and each month a new topic will be discussed.

In spite of all the nutritional knowledge you have and your convictions about living a healthy and active lifestyle are you still unable to follow through? Do you feel frustrated and disappointed with yourself most of the time when it comes to food and body?

With all the information out there about nutrition, dieting, weight loss and how to be healthy it can feel overwhelming and an impossible task to find the right path. Who do you believe? Where do you start?  

Besides, there is a piece of you that knows your dissatisfaction with food and body is not ONLY about food and body.  As Geneen Roth says ‘It’s about the food and it’s not about the food’.

In this workshop series we are going to start to uncover your beliefs about food and body. The depths of your dissatisfaction with food and body most likely ring true through all areas of your life. To heal your relationship with food and your body is the long-term weight loss solution and more then that, it is a pathway to true contentment.

It’s time you started to discover what it really means to have a loving and peaceful
relationship with food and your body.

For more info check out: www.joydorsey.com