Renelyn Quinicot is a queer filipina artist and holder of communal events where art & wellness intertwine.

She’ll insist that JOY taught her to dance, and the feeling of FREEDOM taught her body to move.

Renelyn first committed to MISFIT as a daily practice in times of heartache and loss, when attending classes seemed to be the only thing that helped her make sense of her mind, and feel like she could hold her heart. “HAH”-ing in class like she could release demons, and closing her eyes to sway side-to-side like she could transport herself into states of pure bliss, the MISFIT Method to Renelyn, is poetry. It is returning trust back into the wisdom of the body, to HEAL us rather than the other way around.

The body is a keeper of memory, trauma, story and ancestral lineage. It is CONNECTION to self, nature, and each other. Movement reminds us how EMPOWERING leading through the courage & curiosity of the heart, letting it guide breath, body then feed mind can feel.

Renelyn is a Kundalini Yoga teacher as well and will often weave breathing techniques into her MISFIT sequences. When not teaching, she curates events for art, communal storytelling and care.



What makes your classes feely? 

PASSION through tenderness & deep listening PLAAAAAY through vulnerability as POWER.
- I believe intention can seed everything. 

An influential book in your life is...

WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES : Clarissa Pinkola Estes
ACORN : Yoko Ono
BRAIDING SWEETGRASS : Robin Wall Kimmerer 

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