Rayisa has been a loyal Misfit since the studio first opened its doors 10 years ago. The range of classes and movements sparked a real curiosity about her body, and so when Misfit began its teacher training program she instantly signed up. She quickly realized that this specific movement, and the opportunity to teach it, were the missing link; the piece she needed to balance the highs and inevitable lows that come with any creative industry. After ten years of dancing all that anxious energy out at the studio, and three years of teaching the method, she is learning (and continually practicing) how to transform her anxious mind into a curious one.


Her classes are taught with a mix of passion and compassion. Rayisa has scoliosis and endometriosis. She will constantly remind you that your body is unique and works in its own way, while encouraging you to challenge yourself, take risks and tap into a strength inside you that you may have forgotten about. And she'll do all that to a rocking playlist!


She loves to cook food, eat food and talk about cooking and eating food. She gets an unsurmountable joy from her little herb garden and carefully names all the plants she brings home. She has read A Prayer for Owen Meany so many times you wouldn't believe her if she told you the number. And contrary to Aquarian stereotypes, she's not aloof! So take a class with her and tell her all about your new favourite tv show (bc she loves to talk about film and television and has the ultimate "To Watch" list that she's willing to share).


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