Rachel is a Pilates and Yoga instructor inspired by all kinds of movement. She believes that variety and continual curiosity are the keys to a practice with longevity and balance. Her biggest inspirations are movement junkies whose approaches tend to stray from the common path. She also believes that one has to look within to find their own path, listening to their own spiritual and physical instincts rather than blindly accepting the dogma of others.

After completing the 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Downward Dog with faculty including Ron Reid, Marla Joy, Cecily Milne, Kathryn Bruni Young and Chris Kummer, she realized that was just the beginning of her movement education. She went on to complete the FUSION Teacher Training with Amber Joliat, who is a continual inspiration and source of knowledge. She's a graduate of the Body Harmonics 115 hour Mat Work Pilates Teacher Training. Off the mat, she dabbles in running, strength training, and bicycling. She continues her movement education and hopes to branch out further with her next training.

Her classes are playful yet challenging, and she strives to make things accessible for every body at every level.

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