This three part workshop is an invitation to explore pleasure and sensation in movement. Exploring tools to deepen your knowledge of the body's expansive field of energetic and physical awareness.

We will learn about the energetic body and use meditation, visualization, breathwork, reflection and writing tools to amplify and deepen a flowing, sweaty and resonant MISFITMETHOD movement class each week. Please bring a notebook. Each 90 min class will include a short meditation, visualization and movement.

The workshop will be led by MISFIT teacher Amanda Acorn, who you can learn more about here

Class ONE: Energetic Body

Overview of the chakra system and introduction to modalities of movement and breathwork to expand and amplify sensation through energetic awareness. Flowing misfitmethod movement class activating these principles.

Class TWO: Sensation of Touch

Using touch to activate different systems of proprioception in the body. Moving from the inside out, explore the anatomy and mechanics of the body to move with a deeper sense of aliveness in contact with the ground, air and your own hands. Athletic, challenging misfitmethod class to ground and align.

Class THREE: Touching on Yin and Yang

Using the principles of tantra to guide the body through a sweaty, misfitmethod movement class that touches on both yang and yin. Moving to your limits in a sweaty and dynamic, cardio sequence before settling in to the deep stillness and receptivity of yin.


Price: $25/class or $70 for all three

Dates: NOVEMBER 3, 10, 17 - 12:45pm

Location: Ossington Studio