Paluna was introduced to the practice of yoga by her father at a very young age. Always curious about movement she went on and explored a wide variety of disciplines always coming back to yoga and meditation as a way to keep her mind at ease.

She completed a Bachelor Degree in Arts with a Specialty in Dance in 2002. During her school years she participated in various sports and disciplines including basketball, self defence, yoga and aerial skills. Before moving to Canada in 2005 she became a Pilates and instructor and made a living instructing as well as dance performing.

Working in the fitness industry since 2003 Paluna has grown her skill set tremendously, allowing to work in many areas within the same world. With too many certifications to list, her reputation not only stems from her years of experience but for her ability to make participants comfortable in the gym/studio environment. With a down to earth personality and a big smile she will make you want to move more often.

The focus of her class is on developing strength and stability through the connection between precise movement and conscious breath.

Students comment on feeling her class for days afterwards and yet return for her ability to move them through the exercises with moderate ease.

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