Natalie vandenHeuvel — MISFITMETHOD Educator

Natalie’s first form of movement was dance. For decades she struggled to fit in and move like the rest, but always knew she wanted to teach.  Teaching is Natalie’s release.  It is the vessel that makes her feel whole.  Her journey with yoga & pilates began to help her students find a stronger sense of grounding in their dancing, and quickly propelled into the movement forms she truly
believed in sharing.  

Natalie met Amber in the fall of 2013 and quickly fell in love with her unique
blend of modalities. Since that fateful day, Natalie & Amber have nurtured a relationship fuelled by the passion and soulfulness within MISFITSTUDIO.

Recently, Natalie fell in love and has made her home with her husband teaching MISFITMETHOD on the Island of Bermuda. Because of their strong bond, Amber was able solidify her movement formula while Natalie continues to facilitate
Amber’s dream in a cohesive way that all MISFITS will be called to learn, delve into, and expand their movement vocabulary with — the mystic. the magic. the journey, is about to begin.