Mythbusting Your Pilates Practice w/ Anula Maiberg

Mythbusting Your Pilates Practice 

A workshop aimed to improve, restore and advance your confidence on the Mat and beyond. 

In this workshop we will cover some common misconceptions encountered in Pilates. Most and foremost the feeling of not being good enough.

We will cover some simple ways to change the language we use to discuss our bodies and make room for ourselves to feel more successful.

We will break down myths such as:

- Spine mobility - everyone is different! Stop looking at the person next to you!

- Muscles we are told should never be felt such as: neck, low back, quads and hip flexors - futile journey toward feeling like a failure!

- Specifically addressing modifications that lead to a more successful workout. Why are some exercises unsuccessful with some students or ourselves? Are we afraid of too many modifications and we only keep skipping them? Can we find new tactics to make students feel empowered.

- Negative language we use to discuss our bodies - My legs are too short, my butt is too big, my arms are too weak, I don't have abs, I'm too old, I'm too fat... etc. CUT IT OUT! How the words we use can affect our students. Maybe something isn't working because we are constantly telling people what NOT to do instead of giving them options of WHAT to do instead. Example: don't hyper extend your elbows! Instead: keep your elbows soft. etc... etc...

- What are some things we are telling ourselves about our own bodies that's holding us back? Too fat, too old, too tight, too loose too SOMETHING. Why isn't trying your best an amazing start? Who is in our heads (an old teacher trainer, an old boss, a colleague) who made us feel not good enough. Let's re wire some of that noise.

- Are we, as teachers, making ourselves indispensable to our students? Why not? Why is that important? How are some actionable ways to change that dynamic. Are we teaching from a place of empathy? Are we teaching from a place of kindness? If the answer is no it is probably because we are being too unkind to ourselves.


***  This workshop is ideal for pilates teachers and advanced students ****

Where: 761 Queen St.

When: 1-4pm Saturday May 6th, 2017

Cost: $100