Moving Manifestation Returns just before 11.11 upon request with an added element of sound. The Moving Manifestation space will leaving you knowing and feeling, physically and in true being that every step you take is a step towards loving and expressing your highest vibration of yourself.


This one hour class layers Meditation and Sound with MisfitMethod movement to create new space in the body and an imprint into manifestation.


The workshop journeys through 11 movements layered on top of 11 mantras repeated in cycles of 11 working through all the chakras; aligning our energetic and physical bodies to be more susceptible to moving through the gateway for manifestation.


The closing ceremony will be a soundbath to bathe in alignment and all the intentions you have set.


WHEN: November 10th 6:30-8:30PM @ MISFITSTUDIO BLOOR

COST: $40 – members will get 15% (regular auto-renew) or 20% off (premium auto-renew) which will be applied automatically upon purchasing

Led by Natalie Matias. Limited Spots Available!


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