Module 2 - Articulation
50 Hour Training 
40 Teaching - 10 In Class

How to add articulation to movement.
The signature MISFITMETHOD shapes, moving the entire body in every dimension and plane.
Building on Foundation of FIRE, the introduction of zippers, waves, dragon waves, variations of shooting star. Understanding the importance of stretching movements such as pigeon, lizard, wild thing and more shapes.
Dissect set up cues, Design secondary cues
Understand SOUND and FEEL both for movement and anatomical cues
Digesting the importance of why in Misfit Method we  ARTICULATE -- learn how to take time to  flow and transition through the entire body, moving the spine in space.
Must attend 10 Fusion/Movement classes 
Assist/Observe 10 Fusion/Movement classes
Re-teach the first class which will be clear as a Pilates class,  now adding the elements of Flow, Transition and  Sequence showing the understanding of FIRE and SERPENT
** to take MISFITMETHOD FIRE must be completed **

Module 2 - SERPENT
Dates for 2017/18:
January 12th-14th, 19th-21st
Friday 6-9
Saturday 1-7
Sunday 1-7
40 hours Teaching
10 hours In Class

Please email thelowdown@misfitstudio.com with any questions