Module 4 – Be Moved Magically
50 Hour Training 
40 Teaching - 10 In Class

This is it. Be Moved.

Time to learn how to put everything together, incorporating the previous 120 hours.

Cuing, Language, Articulation, Flow, Sequence, Rhythm and Connection.

FIRE fuelling the core and understanding internal heat.

SERPENT 3 dimensional movement in every plane creating shape and release.

HEART & SOUL lifting and lowering cardiovascular strength, moving and dancing with freedom and expression.

This is where we dive into all of the alternative elements, adding flickers and extras. Discovering unique and original voice, now it is ALL about the language – the essence of the MISFITMETHOD.

Goal is to teach the MISFITMETHOD in any form of movement.

**150 hour MISFITMETHOD Teacher Training (includes Fire, Serpent, Heart & Soul)**


Module 4 - FUSION

Dates for 2019: June 14-16, 28-30

Times: Fridays 6-9PM, Sat + Sun 1-7PM

50 Hour Training

40 Teaching - 10 In Class

Please email thelowdown@misfitstudio.com with any questions

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