Module 1 - Fundamentals

50 Hour Training 
40 Teaching - 10 In Class


In this module you will learn foundation from the ground up!

Literally how to build internal FIRE and fuel an entire practice.

  • Core work  – learning the importance of imprint/release, how to work with props and teaching our core progression all the way to high plank from subtle movements to larger full body actions
  • Arm work – with and without weights in a seated, kneeling and  standing position
  • Inner Thigh work – ball between inner thigh laying on back with variations starting with simple  pelvic tilt working up to glute work
  • Deep Glute work – clam, prone, all fours with multiple variations
  • Stretch – how to incorporate child pose variations, shooting star, lateral pulls and full body circles

This is JUST foundation!

Learn MISFITMETHOD set up cues, creative cues and anatomical cues

Learn what the posture SOUNDS like in stillness and in movement.

The goal is to teach a BASIC hour long entry level MISFITMETHOD Pilates class.


  • Must attend 10 Pilates classes of any variety (no Reformer)
  • Assist/observe 10 Pilates classes after the training before the exam

Let’s get HOT! Learn to properly heat the body from the inside out. Deep Core activation, anatomical understanding of abdominal layers will Fuel your Fire. We’ll learn the principles and foundations that keep you focused, present and inspired to sweat, strengthening and lengthening in each class. You’ll learn to:

  • Give cues and properly set up positions
  • Create progressive exercise sequences
  • Format a 60-minute class
  • Mesh movement to music and pick out the best music for your class

Interactive learning, round robin teaching, hands on education to three dimensionally understand the Why and What of each shape you teach in a class.

Module 1 - FIRE
Dates for 2019: Jan 11-13, 18-20
Times: Fridays 6-9PM, Sat + Sun 1-7PM
40 hours Teaching
10 hours In Class 
Please email thelowdown@misfitstudio.com with any questions
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