This March, we're hosting a 30 Day Challenge – with a TWIST. This time around, we challenge you to complete every Misfit class in 30 days, with the chance to win prizes from some of our favourite community partners.

We always have such amazing responses from the MISFITS who take part in our challenges – stories of feeling stronger, friendships made, finding a deeper connection to oneself, feeling attuned to the body in an entirely new way. With this challenge, you'll have the opportunity to explore all facets of the MISFITMETHOD – to experience a truly well-rounded month of movement.

We're including MISFITVIDEOS into the mix, so you can still move with us and achieve your challenge goals from your home, cottage, hotel etc.! 

How it works:

  • Join the challenge! Purchase the challenge card in-studio for $10
  • Purchase classes – you can buy single, class packs or an unlimited membership
  • Challenge begins on March 1st
  • Sign up for MISFITVIDEO (if it's your first time, your first two weeks are free!) 
  • You can complete one a day, or double up, just be sure to have your card stamped at front desk after you complete each class! If you completed a video, you can have that stamped the next time you're in studio :)
  • Hand in your card on March 31st or April 1st and we'll draw prizes for our challenge completers!



Share your challenge progress with us on Instagram @MISFITSTUDIO #MisfitMarchMadness