Fitness has always been a passion and a daily priority for Michelle. After years of workouts focused mostly on intensity, she found herself wanting a little more in terms of mind/body connection. It was just at that time that she was lucky enough to find MISFITSTUDIO.  Michelle was instantly won over by the warm and welcoming energy of Amber and the rest of the MISFIT crew. So much so, in fact, that she decided to make Pilates an even bigger part of her life. In 2013, she took the Comprehensive Mat and Reformer plan at Stott Pilates in Toronto and became a certified instructor.  Michelle is especially passionate about working out on and teaching reformer, as she loves its ability to complement other types of training. She credits Pilates for making her a better snowboarder (definitely a work in process) and all-around athlete, and as the ultimate pre- and post-natal fitness regime. Reformer helped keep Michelle strong and mobile before leading up to and after the birth of her son. She also loves how teaching fitness complements her career in the sometimes just a little bit crazy world of media.