Melissa Lesic

Melissa Lesic at MISFITSTUDIO Wellness Collective
Thai Massage
Thai massage works wonders for the active body. Incorporating gentle stretching, pressure and supported yoga postures, a Thai massage session will get deep into tissues to wash away tension and stress. Sessions are performed on a mat on the floor with the client dressed in comfortable clothes suitable for stretching. No specific level of flexibility is required.

Melissa Lesic, founder of Exhale Yoga + Thai Massage, first discovered Thai massage while training to become a yoga teacher in 2010. She quickly noticed the benefits of yoga and Thai massage in conjunction with one another, and found that it did much more than release muscle tension. It also helped improve range of motion, and facilitated a deeper mind/body connection, something that no other form of massage did for her in the past. After years of incorporating massage into her yoga sessions, Melissa completed the 150 Thai massage training program at Thai Massage Toronto in 2016.

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