Lindsay is an advocate for fitness, not only for the physical benefits it provides us, but for the mental ones too. She strongly believes in how movement of the body is essential for good quality of life and will openly discuss how it has personally had an effect on hers.

Lindsay discovered Pilates 8 years ago after trying a little bit of everything, from running, Maui Thai, boot camps, Yoga and weight training, but never really focusing on any one activity. It wasn’t until she came across Pilates that she really found her passion in movement, it was the mental focus and combination of strength, balance and control that Pilates requires that really grabbed her.

She began her journey into the fitness world by enrolling into Humber Colleges Fitness and Health Promotion program and after spending the year studying anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and fitness prescription, she then turned her attention towards gaining her Pilates Mat certification through Body Harmonics . Lindsay is certified in both Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer and is continuing her education with The MISFITMETHOD teacher training program. After that her goal is to obtain a specialized certification in Anatomy and Biomechanics and as many more certifications as she can get her hands on because “our learning never ends!”

In her classes you’ll find a combination of precision and intensity, she loves the creative side of combining music with movement and loves to make things playful where she can.