Lara Jacob


Dr. Lara Jacob, ND

Lara is a licensed naturopathic doctor. She practices individual medicine and believes in the body's ability for self-healing. Lara enjoys working with people to give them the tools to heal in their own unique way and find resilience through the different stages of their lives. She has a busy practice helping patients with their fertility, immune, hormonal and digestive health, and perinatal care.  She is a mom of two boys (and a dog) and is a singer and appreciator of art and music.

Discover which tools work for you:
Acupuncture treatments to regulate the nervous system, for pain relief, and hormone balancing
Botanical medicine - effective and gentle medicine using plants in their various forms
Lifestyle changes that work for you
Nutrition support - make sure you are getting what you need and enjoying food
Homeopathy - a gentle and transformative approach to healing

What to expect in a visit:

The initial visit consists of a thorough intake and screening physical exam and lasts up to 90 minutes.

The second visit is a 45-minute follow-up where your individualized treatment plan is discussed.

Further follow-ups will vary from person to person and may include a series of acupuncture treatments.

Initial visit (75-90 mins.): $220
45-minute follow-up: $125
30-minute follow-up: $95
*no hst charged for naturopathic services

How to book an appointment:

Lara is available for appointments on Tuesdays (12-4pm) and Thursdays (12-4pm). To book a treatment, contact her at