Katrina Orr

Shiatsu Massage

Katrina is a healing arts practitioner living in Toronto, practicing Shiatsu and Thai massage, yoga and meditation. Hailing from Nova Scotia, nature, fluidity, a down to earth attitude and slow pace influence her style of practice and approach to life. On a quest to access and understand the limitless wisdom that is contained within each of us, Katrina is a forever student of life, the human body & mind, contemplative sciences and the healing arts. She credits and gives immense gratitude to friends, family and her mentors over the years, including Jane Loney, Diane Bruni, Ron Reid and Tracey Soghrati. Katrina believes that well being is a skill and endeavours to support you in being your best self so that you can live the life you dream. Rooted in science. Guided by breath. Living by intuition. Flowing with rhythms: Sun. Moon. Stars. Ocean. Earth.

For more information on Katrina's services and to book an appointment, head on over to www.katrinaorr.com or send her an email at katrinaorr@gmail.com