Katerina Alexopoulos, MSW, RSW

Katerina is a registered social worker with a Master of Social Work. She works with individuals who are having difficulties coping with stress in their lives. It is hard to know how to proceed when experiencing heavy emotions such as worry, sadness, anger and grief. Katerina uses a gentle and non-judgemental approach to help people find clarity and move forward in their lives. In therapy, her clients build confidence and self-awareness. With guidance, they make sense of their emotions and the ways their feelings and behaviours impact their relationships and functioning. Katerina is experienced working with psychological and medical traumas. She has special knowledge of head injuries and post-concussion syndrome. She also has extensive experience treating PTSD, trauma and those who have been abused. Katerina sees clients with anxiety/depression, grief/loss, relationship and family issues, substance abuse and low self-esteem. Katerina will work with you at a comfortable pace, to move you toward where you want to be. Changes happen in steps. Goals will be reviewed and tweaked along the way. Therapy is a safe environment where people shift from feeling helpless to feeling confident and competent, where people go from feeling something is missing, to feeling fulfilled.

For more information on Katerina's services and to book an appointment, head on over to www.katerinatherapy.com or give her a call at (416) 527-3231