Currently located on Ossington, MISFITSTUDIO is a movement studio rooted in yoga, informed by Pilates and inspired by dance. If you’ve been to one of our spaces or pop-ups you know that we combine movement and mysticism in a welcoming space that encourages connections of the mind, body, and spirit.  At MISFITSTUDIO many different people will work the front desk, but the experience we create for our clients should always feel consistent. Regardless if you’re an energy exchanger, studio manager, or the COO - the role of front desk is the same.



  • Create a welcoming atmosphere; whether you’re greeting someone who takes class every single day or someone walking into the studio for the first time it’s your job to make them feel like they are in the right place. A kind smile and acknowledgment as you check them in for class, along with providing them with any information they need, makes you successful in this role.
  • Manage the logistics of classes; if you’ve been at the studio during peak class times you know there is a lot going on. People streaming into the studio for various waitlisted classes, and sweaty happy students pouring out of our studios into crammed hallways. With last minute no-shows, and waitlists you’re able to be a conductor of bodies and ensure students get into the appropriate classes. Regardless of how busy, clustered or chaotic any moment might be you always remain positive and calm.  
  • Studio set-up and maintenance; you ensure everything in the studio is ready to go so that teachers can come in and shine. This means ensuring the floors are swept, mats are up or down, the speakers are working and the lighting is right. You also keep an eye out for general studio maintenance during your shift, like incense burning, toilet paper in it’s right place and a general tidiness up front.    


A lot of our work has been guided by the four agreements and we believe they are a great way to approach any role:

  • Be impeccable with your word; as the first person students see and hear when they walk into our space the tone and vibe you set with your words is incredibly important. Speak with integrity, and use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love. You will be connected to many different stakeholders across our community and your words carry weight - choose and use them wisely and for good.
  • Don’t take anything personally; nothing others do is because of you, so if people walk in upset because there isn’t space in a class, or they made a scheduling mistake, fix the problem and don’t let their mood affect yours.
  • Don’t make assumptions; Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really mean. It’s better to ask the question and find out the right information or spend a little bit of time getting a better understanding of a situation to avoid upset-ness or errors.
  • Always do your best; pretty self explanatory, but your best can change day to day or situation to situation. Always do your personal best and avoid regret. 


Please apply through the Energy Exchange application form HERE.

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