Jo is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor from Toronto.  She is obsessed with finding new ways to move, stretch, dance and build mobility and strength. She believes that movement practices are essential to cultivate a connection between the mind and body, and continues to explore and learn outside of the traditional settings of Yoga or Pilates studios.

Jo completed her Pilates Mat Work certification at Body Harmonics, with Margot McKinnon in the teaching faculty. She is also a certified Yoga teacher, with 250hrs at YogaTree Studios. Outside of traditional teacher training programs, Jo has been training with Kathryn Bruni Young, and attended the "New Wave of Yoga" week long intensive with KBY and Michael Stone in 2015.  Most recently, Jo has been working with Amber Joilat at MISFITSTUDIO. It is undeniable that Amber’s FUSION teaching style has influenced the direction of Jo’s practice.

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