"I teach because movement is medicine, it is the strongest form of self expression, connection and joy. Every single time I guide a room of humans through movement as a teacher or I move on the mat as a student at Misfit, I am inspired by those around me who have shown up for themselves, who have chosen to be there and tune into their breath, their heart and their body. "


How long have you been teaching?

I'm a recent graduate of the MisfitMethod Teacher Training program

What makes your classes feely? 

I'm all about the vibe, the lightness and joy that comes with challenge, of knowing that we're all in it together!

An influential book in your life is...

Anything by Brene Brown but particularly Dare to Lead.

A passion of yours people may or may not know about is...

The past few years I have gotten into gardening, specifically vegetable gardening. There's something about growing your own food that feels very full circle and accomplished.

What is your astrological sun sign?

Sagittarius FIRE!

Why do you love teaching at MISFITSTUDIO?

I am honoured to teach at Misfit, to be part of the magical community, there is truly nowhere else like it! For 6 years, Misfit has been home to my own personal growth, all the learning, all the laughs and too many tears. Misfit is for all those movers and shakers out there, for those that want to yell and scream, who want to dance and be free, for those who haven't quite found what their looking for, who want more! A place where you can show up, move through whatever you need that day, be invited to release and express and have others doing it alongside you...what could be more powerful than that? 


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