Intuitive Yoga for a Cause


Intuitive Yoga for a Cause MISFITSTUDIO


A gathering of individuals who wish to move in vulnerability, authenticity and softness. Let’s learn from Serah and share love, acceptance, and move and be still together. And breathe. 

Serah was one of my teachers, in life and as a breathwork facilitator who helped me and supported me on such a deep releasing and healing personal journey, that has truly helped me in being who I am today, as a teacher and as a human Be-ing. I am honoured to share my intuitive yoga offering, where I am at at present in my teaching, with all of you and to share love in gathering, conversation and connection to announce my return to my local GTA Toronto community after my time abroad for 6 years.

I have taught in South America and Bahrain since then and have studied FRC in England to bring me to come home, make home space, make safe space and connect and heal and rejoice on where we have come together, be it afar or close.

This is the first of possibly many invitations. But the first is special, unique and in honouring of a greater purpose - to assist Serah with the dramatic costs of healing sessions for her chronic complex Lyme disease that she is currently experiencing right now. 

So let’s be in community and in connection. Let’s raise some funds for her. All proceeds go to Serah. 

And let’s by truly seeing each other, moving and practicing to raise our vibration and to use that to release and heal and then share with Serah. 

Intuitive yoga movement practice with a guided meditation and savasana.


Saturday September 8th - 4-6pm

MISFITSTUDIO Queen Street, 761 Queen st West, 3rd Floor


Pay what you can. Cash donations. 

Can’t make it? Donate directly to Sarah 


Open to all. Wear comfortable clothes to move in and layers if u get cold during meditation (socks or eye pillows are nice for savasana too!)


Tender is the new tough.

Let’s be real.

Let’s move. Let’s be still. 

Let’s breathe.




So much Love Josie 


Reserve your spot via email at