How Your Body Works - Workshops with Naturopathic Dr. Kaylee Alton

How Your Body Works - Workshops with Naturopathic Dr. Kaylee Alton


Dr. Kaylee, naturopathic doctor, teaches how the body works classes, helping you understand your body and how to be your own mechanic, learning what to look for and know when you need to do act. In her dynamic medical practice, this girl-boss teaches her patients how to take back their health and how to stock up on at-home solutions so that they can stay on their A-game. She has a general family practice, focusing on helping young-professionals prevent metabolic disease (stroke, hypertension, diabetes), improve gut & gall bladder health, improve hormone health, mental health and pain management. Check out: for more info.



What is Naturopathic Medicine: 

Naturopathic medicine is a highly regulated field whose focus is on getting your body to work for you. Naturopathic doctors understand your body’s biochemistry and physiology and focus on how to support its functioning state, so your body can heal itself of disease and illness. This approach allows for prevention of developing more complicated illness, and has a goal to save drugs & surgery for last resort. Naturopathic doctors are medically trained, requiring completion of a undergraduate degree with science prerequisite courses, followed by a 4-year degree in naturopathic medicine, including a 1-year internship/clerkship program and passing standardized board licensing exams. Naturopathic doctors spend 4-years learning diagnostics, imaging, labs, patho-physiology, as well as nutrition, psychology and counselling, acupuncture, sport & physical medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine and hydrotherapy.

Who Should Attend: 

Anyone interested in understanding what the symptoms or cues their body is giving them mean and what to do about it. For people who use Dr. Google or for people who would prefer to put their trust in a professional, you can’t beat having it broken down for you, in a fun and relatable way. The goal of these courses is to make naturopathic medicine more accessible. 

How Your Body Works - Digestive Health - part 1 -  Tuesday October 25th

- Join Dr. Kaylee, naturopathic doctor, as she teaches about the digestive system; feeling heartburn, gut pain, indigestion, bloating and how stress management plays a role. 



How Your Body Works - Female Hormone Health - part 1 -  Tuesday November 15th

- Join Dr. Kaylee, naturopathic doctor, as she teaches about how to track your cycle, how you don’t have to have PMS or period pains



How Your Body Works - Stress Management and Recovering from Burnout/ Preventing Burnout! - Thursday December 1st

- Are you a #girlboss? Always on the go? Build your career and maintain your energy by understanding how stress works and how the choices you make daily are impacting your ability to adapt to it. 



How Your Body Works - Boosting Your Immune System -  Tuesday December 6th

- Do you get sick on vacation? Fall apart after exams? Does a head-cold take you out for 10 days? Always getting a sore-throat? Recurrent use of anti-biotics? Find out how your immune system works and how to target it and support it, with tips on what to do this winter to get healthier.