GET LIT | Aura Expansion for Radiance + Grace



To light your candle, glow with intense vitality, shine like the exceptional human you are, and attract bountifulness into your life, you must work with your electromagnetic field. Together we will assess and strengthen our auric body that surrounds our physical body using a variety of movement practices and kundalini yoga techniques.

Aura readings have been used throughout the ages as both a healing and learning practice. During the 1970s, aura photography became popularized thanks to the creation of the aura camera, a device able to capture the mystical spectrum within us all. Rose Aura will be on site with a highly-specialized camera to bring aura readings to participants of this workshop.

Leave in an elevated state with a polaroid to prove it!

When: Sunday, January 6th @ 6-8:30pm

Price: $65 + HST

Location: Ossington Studio