Sunday May 27th




An evening dedicated to blossoming in our feminine power and creative expression.

On the Full Flower Moon, you are invited to gather in a sacred Sisterhood as we blossom together in our feminine power and allow the gift of our creative expression forward.

The divine feminine is beginning to unlock her voice, expression and magnificence. In this ceremony we will honour this process of breaking through previous fears of stepping into your voice, your knowing and expressing what sometimes scares you the most: your fears or your gifts.

For years, women have experienced their voice not being heard. Or as an equal player in many conversations, particularly in the work sphere. While we have made incredible strides forward, the times are now changing. Women are choosing to say "actually, I am heard" and "actually, I have intelligence and a powerful knowing that will serve this situation." We are learning how to set boundaries, that are respected and how to let in the situations that truly honour our voice and our magnificence.

In this ceremony we will honour this process of the divine feminine blooming. We will dive deep and explore what needs to be unearthed to help her root down into her strength, love her masculine side, and trust that her expression is a beautiful one.

As we open our truth, our dreams or the projects we love most to the world -- as the bud starts to open -- we can encounter a dialogue of fear within us. We may question if it will be enough or accepted? And if we can really just put out there what we want and believe it will work? In this ceremony, we will embrace the fear that arises on the precipice of expressing your creative dreams or next level of them into the world. We will build a level of comfort in that place, so we begin to push the edge of our expression in the world. We stay in evolution. As the bud opens, it encounters resistance and yet emerges as a beautiful flower. We will see how temporary the resistance is, as we step into the blossoming of our creative self.

As we do so, a new world comes into bloom, where the divine masculine and divine feminine are perfectly honoured within and around us. We break boundaries, and help our feminine essence land in full expression - once again - on this plane.

These events are intended as a healing womb for women to gather in, and shed old skins, at the moon time. You will leave supported, renewed and equipped with new tools to live as your wonderful self in the world. Your ticket includes access to an online community for post-ceremony support. This is an opportunity that comes once a month!

Sisters let's go deep, and blossom together as flowers opening their petals to the sun!

The evening will be guided by Energy Medicine Woman and Oxford University graduate Shelly Burton, and her team of Samhara Practitioners. Channeled wisdom, crystal bowl sound healing, drum rhythms and written exercises will steer the journey. Please note that you will have the option to share your experience with the group. Confidentiality is absolutely respected.