"MISFIT reminded me of the joy of movement and the connection it unlocks. To self. To each other. Movement at MISFIT clears my head, opens my heart, grounds my sense of being, soothes my anxiety. As someone who has been called a perpetual nomad - living between cities and traveling often for work - movement anchors and recalibrates me. Being a part of MISFIT has also been a vessel for me to reveal, amplify and live my voice in a supportive sisterhood."


How long have you been teaching?

My movement teaching journey started at MISFITMETHOD teacher training in 2019. In two years, I went zero to 100 from an enthusiastic and passionate student to an enthusiastic and passionate teacher.

What makes your classes feely? 

My intention is to share and unleash the feelings that movement inspires within each individual, but through a collective experience. Intensified by music that excites, comforts, moves and holds you. The rhythm and melody resonating through your body, stirring up every single cell, system and somatic response to rouse dormant feelings. Singing along to take you home to yourself. Diving into an abyss of sound to get lost in sensation. Dancing with the other humans in the room, heartbeats in sync and in syncopation. The constant transfer and shift of energies between kinetic and potential. 

An influential book in your life is...

The Four Agreements. Four ways to approach every aspect of life and every connection with others.

A passion of yours people may or may not know about is...

Trivia. When I was living in New York, I started to train with a friend who is a former Jeopardy champion gearing up to try out, and it is still one of my life goals to be on the show.

What is your astrological sun sign?

Sagittarius sun. And moon. Also, Leo rising. Fire allllll the way.

Why do you love teaching at MISFITSTUDIO?

The paradoxes of movement! Connecting with others and oneself. Feeling strong and powerful, while being tender and vulnerable. Laser focus, yet getting lost in the moment. I feel honoured to have the chance to be a mirror - to see myself in others and vice versa - using insight, intuition and empathy to hold space for people to feel seen and heard, and to discover and tell their own stories. 


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