Chakra Vinyasa Flow & Aura Reading

Bre and Rose Aura MISFITSTUDIO

Chakra Vinyasa Flow & Aura Reading

On Friday May 4th, Join Rose Aura and Bre O’Gallagher for a journey into your inner spectrum through yoga, meditation and aura photography. Gain insight and dive deeper through a 60 min Chakra Vinyasa flow, meditation, a photo of your aura, and a brief reading.
So much of us is seen through our aura, we radiate energies that our reflections of ourselves, and although not seen they are felt. For the very first time in Canada, the intangible is made tangible through a highly specialized mobile camera that captures your aura. Aura photography provides insights into the emotional, physical, and spiritual state of an individual. Through yoga we connect, cleanse and explore our physical and subtle body while nurturing and feeding our Aura.

We will raise our vibration through yoga to then capture our vibrancy through aura photography. When the intangible becomes tangible we are moved into a deeper state of feeling, knowing, and believing.

Friday May 4th at 7:30 pm - 10:15pm
Location: MISFITSTUDIO Queen St W
Early Price: $60
As of May 1st: $ 65
or email

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