Candice's love for movement began in high school, first ignited by solo bedroom dancing to Le Tigre in her parent's house. The ability that even just a few minutes of movement had to soothe and improve her mood encouraged her to begin to explore yoga and pilates practices, attending many different studios over the years.


It wasn't until finding MISFIT however, that Candice felt like she had found somewhere that understood what her mind and body craved: a space to play, laugh, release and explore with GOOD music, and a warm, open-minded community. After several years attending MISFIT classes, eventually becoming a regular, she felt called to apply for the MISFIT METHOD teacher training program.

Candice loves MISFIT's ability to combine art with movement yet also provide a deeply challenging and satisfying physical experience. Though just beginning her teaching journey, she seeks to cultivate a welcoming space in class, leading with a sense of lightness while also reminding everyone in the room that we're all so much stronger than we think.


How long have you been teaching?

Since participating in the 2019 MISFIT METHOD teacher training (an enthusiastic newbie).

What makes your classes feely? 

Music. Each MISFITMETHOD class is an opportunity to use music to deepen into connection with every movement, almost like creating a film score. I'm a huge music fan and aim to make folks move n' groove, to tune into their bodies and tune out of all the other noise.

An influential book in your life is...

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. A weird, stunning novel. It's filled with such beautiful metaphors and poetic passages that have really stayed with me over the years. The exploration of dreams vs. reality, the subconscious and fate are all central themes in the book and became very relevant in my life shortly after reading.

A passion of yours people may or may not know about is...

Making lasagna. It's procedural and calming, my ideal Saturday activity.

What is your astrological sun sign?

Libra, there was never a doubt.

Why do you love teaching at MISFITSTUDIO?

For the power the classes have to remind us of the broad spectrum of feelings we can feel as humans...empowered, vulnerable, elated, sweaty a feeling? Also because MISFIT defies definition and as a result, has attracted the most rad people to the studios.

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