You're about to sign up for a MISFITSTUDIO class – yay! Be sure to inform yourself on how to book, our cancellation policy, as well as how to ensure you are signed up for waitlist notifications. 


  • Create a MISFITSTUDIO account through our New Member Registration form, or sign up via Classpass
  • Visit our CLASSES page and select a class on the schedule you’d like to sign up for
  • Please note there is a maximum booking window of 2 weeks in advance for drop ins, class pack holders and those on the monthly auto-renew membership  – learn more about our memberships here
  • You may be required to sign in using your login email and password
  • To book a class, you must have a package, pack or class associated with your account 
  • If you do not have credits, you’ll be prompted to purchase before you book
  • Once signed up for class, your teacher will e-mail you a Zoom link to join + any prop requirements 15 minutes before class begins. Please be sure to check your spam/promotions folder for these e-mails.
  • Classes will be streamed through ZOOM, which you can download here for desktop or phone
  • We recommending adding your CC info to have on file for easy future booking! 
  • The online class booking window ends 25 min before class starts, so be sure to book in advance!

Note: you can also book and cancel classes directly through the Mind Body App


To cancel a class, please login to your Mind Body account via the MISFITSTUDIO website or the Mind Body App to view your scheduled classes. Please take note of our late cancellation policy (below).


Our late cancellation policy states that classes cancelled within 12 hours of the class time incur a $15 late cancellation fee. Classes cancelled outside of the 12 hour window will not incur a fee. To cancel a class, please login to your Mind Body account via the MISFITSTUDIO website or the Mind Body App to view your scheduled classes.

note: we are waiving late cancellation fees for auto renew members taking misfithome live online classes


You can add yourself to the waitlist via the MISFITSTUDIO website or Mind Body App. Important: in order to stay updated on your status, you must have text notifications turned ON in your Mind Body settings.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Mind Body account on desktop Select Profile
  • Check the box under Personal Information that says you’d like to receive text and email notifications
  • If you are added into class, you will receive a text prompting you to confirm (Y) or decline (N). If you confirm, you will be enrolled in the class and late cancellation policy applies. If you decline, you will not be added to the class. If you do not respond, your spot will be held, so please ensure you confirm Y or N
  • IF you do not confirm Y or N, you will not be charged should you not appear, but this also means someone misses out on a class! 
  • Please note you may be added to the waitlist up to 30 minutes before the start of class. If you confirm and then cancel within 12 hours before class starts, you will incur the late cancellation fee.

if you have any questions or trouble booking, please email

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