Join Michalina Piatkowski of Attuned Practices for an introductory 7 week workshop on ASTROLOGY.

 The ancient and cross-cultural practice of Astrology is longstanding proof of the ‘As above, so below’ adage; that what takes place in the Cosmos is a reflection of the individual’s experience and vice versa.  As such, Astrology is an insightful tool for understanding oneself and others, and for gaining perspective.

By breaking down the symbolic language of archetypes, we will make comprehensible the core topics of planets, signs, and houses and how they intersect and interact with one another.

The aim of this workshop is to make the language and workings of Western Astrology comprehensible.  To that purpose we will be utilizing both theoretical and practical means; we will be examining the archetypes comprising the Astrological key players of Planets, Signs, and Houses, and study how they intersect and interact. Throughout, we will consult our individual Natal Charts, learning to interpret that data on ourselves as we progress.

Open to all levels of familiarity with Astrology.

Upon registration, please complete this form with the following information to Michalina to prepare your natal chart: your time, date and place of birth.

When: August 26th – October 7th (Sundays) 7pm – 9pm 
Cost: $200