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Intro to Qigong workshop series
Moving meditations

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art that combines gentle movement, breath, meditation & visualization and it is designed to bring awareness to the more subtle energy systems of the body, balance the mind and awaken the spirit.
This series will focus on diaphragmatic breath work, feeling Qi energy (hands), self acupressure and flowing movements that bring tangible feeling to the term energy. Learning exercises from various forms of Qigong we will develop new tools to heal, tap into the infinite energy within, clear stagnation in the body, relax an overactive mind and relieve pain. A practice of discipline and self awareness that brings real power to your potential and reclaims the strength of inner guidance.

Saturday December 5th, 2-4
Saturday December 12th, 2-4
Saturday December 19th, 2-4
Cost - $100 entire workshop
(all three sessions)
$40/ session
For more information and to register, please contact Alison at
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