Thank you Stevie Lultz for sharing your beautiful MISFITRETREATS experience!

My first reaction to the Xinalani Retreat poster was YES! Amber and Lindsay are teaching? YES! Mexico? The Beach? The sun? YES! YES! YES!

Xinalani Yoga and EcoResort is beyond words; you have to experience it! Imagine living among the plants, flowers and sounds of nature! With only three walls in our room, as the other faced the ocean, it was truly a breathtaking sight. To wake up and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves is one of the most relaxing things one could ask for! There were a variety of studio spaces with each providing their own magical view of the ocean.

I really enjoyed starting the day off with a morning class. It felt like nature had carved out an area within itself for us to move, dance, laugh, cry and shout! It allowed me to really embrace the present and to feel connected to nature and the other bodies moving with me.

As the week unfolded I can genuinely say that I felt so blessed to have met such wonderful women and men. I am forever grateful for the bonds that were created on this trip and the ensuing friendships that have enhanced my life for the better since coming back to Toronto.

This adventure nurtured my spirit as well as my body; the beach was peaceful, the classes strengthened me and the local food was delicious. Spending a week away in the jungle with people who share common interests and activities really fed my soul. Returning home to Toronto I find myself not only more connected to me but part of a life giving community where one feels accepted and valued!

INTRIGUED?! Learn more about our November 2019 retreat, returning to the beautiful Xinalani Resort in MEXICO!

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