We are sOoOo excited to continue offering movement at the beautiful, airy space of FREE, steps away from where MISFITSTUDIO Queen one reign. This summer, we've added even more opportunities to MOVE, with the addition of 7:30AM morning classes on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY with a few of our newest Misfits – McKenzie, India & Krista. Each brings a unique background and energy to their teaching style, blending their knowledge of movement with the Misfit sequences to create a truly special experience.  

Read on to get to know these fierce forces and be sure to book in to a weekday morning at Free.




What is your background in movement?

Movement & I go way back! I found it first through dance, then through yoga, and now through Misfit! I love that the Misfitmethod allows me to weave in all of those schools movement into one class - it’s kind of like my one-stop shop.

Fave Misfit move?

Wide plies & big arm circles put me on the MOON.

Movement style: Energetic, playful, and unconfined.

Song you have big love for in your playlist: The first time I ever taught a plank sequence to Harrison’s “Wavestation” marked the last time I’d ever be able to listen to that song again without literally cueing push ups when the chorus hits. All the love for that.  




What is your background in movement?

Movement has been a huge part of my life, butterflying from one modality flower to another. Largely Tantric yoga is my main practice, it's a deep breath based to build and find a steadiness within, a stability that leaves me unwavering in the face of life's tumultuous action, it is to cultivate energy so that I can effortlessly shine my true light into the world, it is alchemy.

Misfit movement is vibrant and increases vitality, I weave some of these tantric ideals and qualities within the class, so that you feel more like yourself – more connected, so that you shine brighter from the hour we spend together.

Fave Misfit move?

The fundamental Misfit Method Sequence. For me this movement incapsulates all that Misfit has to offer, the pulsation or balance between deep grounded strength and connection, at the same time fluid airy release we can find expansion and brighter breath, a bigger sense of vitality. It is an opportunity to relish in the gift of being human.

Movement style: Thriving, organic, and light

Song you have big love for in your playlist: Sculpture ~ Skalpel 




What is your background in movement?

I'm influenced greatly by Kundalini Yoga and allow that to inform how I move, how I teach, how I dance through life. I weave a lot of kundalini-inspired practices into my classes so we can collectively experience the essence of self – quite literally raising the vibration within and around through movement and breath and sound. When we get curious enough to nurture the relationship between our physical, energetic, and mental bodies we can transform ourselves from the inside out. I truly believe that when we do the work on a micro-level we begin to shake the macro-system at it's core moving from fear + anger and towards peace + love.

Fave Misfit move?

Dragon waves with rotation bc all things spinal lubrication feels so damn juicy in my bod

Movement style: Playful, buzzy, and expansive

Song you have big love for in your playlist: She's a rainbow ~ rolling stones



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