WARRIOR WOMEN | Fallon Collett

WARRIOR WOMEN | Fallon Collett

November 15, 2017

We're blessed to have the opportunity to connect with so many inspiring women on a local level at the studio, and we're equally appreciative of the women around the world from our past and present who move us – whether it be from an act of courage, words of wisdom that resonate with us, or their infectious personality. We sat down with Fallon, a true MISFIT who frequents the studio and shares our love of movement.


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Tell us a bit about your day to day hustle?

A lot of the time you'll find me in the neighbourhood managing a clothing store that is based on the west coast. I also write for The Golden Den and share ideas on living through fictional writing, essays and interviews with interesting and dynamic people form all over the world. I travel a lot for work and for pleasure and like to mix things up by having multiple projects on the go.


What's your MISFIT love story?

My love story began back in the coach house. I had friends who were Misfits and I had always been attracted to a movement style that incorporated so many things I already loved: yoga, dance and pilates. The first class I ever took was Fusion and it totally kicked my ass. I felt muscles I never had, my breath in new places and I became addicted and began bringing friends to classes. At this different point in my career I was also teaching yoga and came to be a part of the family as a teacher! I was searching (like most twenty somethings) for a way to incorporate more of what I loved into my day-to-day and ended up also working the front desk. I came to know so many incredible member of the MISFIT community this way.


What is it that drew you to MISFIT?

The power, strength and grace of Amber and the way in which every student at MISFIT mirrored these qualities. The way I felt after class was also addictive: strong, relaxed, grounded, and inspired. Favourite MISFIT class? FUSION!!! It is so good. It is SO HARD. And it should be. I am a ride-or-die for a flow-y yoga class but Fusion is the class that takes everything for me to the next level from a strength and mental perspective.


Fondest memory from a MISFIT experience?

I have endless memories of laughter, raw conversation and support but the first thing that came to mind was when I taught a teeny-weeny class in the beginning of my time as a teacher and a woman I respected very much who was laying next to me in Savasana took my hand for the entire last song of class. We had spoken before class about our days and were both in a place of vulnerability. It's one of my first memories of feeling about the people I was with there that we were really in it together.


Who inspires you and why?

I'm inspired by so many people, within my own life and those in the public eye but the trait that is shared between them all is a drive towards what they love and a unwillingness to engage with the doubts of other people's minds and opinions on the road to what they're after. A willingness to show up as they are even if it isn't convenient or preferred by others.


What do you do to stay grounded?

My dog, Lucius, is the most grounding creature. Any time I spend with him brings me back down to earth. And without a doubt nature. The more time I spend outdoors the more grounded I feel. And, when I am mindful of it, giving myself enough time to not have to rush. It is the fastest way for me to feel ungrounded when I don't leave enough time to be alone, or between engagements. Otherwise I feel like a Tasmanian Devil in my life and things get a little out of hand.


Favourite self-care ritual?

Baths, Incense, Candles. Leaving my phone in the other room at night. When my life allows for it having one full day with nothing scheduled.


What's your spirit animal?

I have a few to be honest. One that guides me and one that I feel deeply connected to and represented by. They are pretty sacred to me and I don't speak of them often but I will say that having a Naturopath who understands Shamanistic practices has helped me tremendously and I would recommend ceremonies of that nature if you feel called to it!


If you could develop any superpower, what would it be and why?

To fly! Oh, the freedom! Favourite spot to brunch in the city? The Federal. I have so many fond memories there and a Gold Standard sandwich after a long night of dancing and the cozy atmosphere always does it for me.


If you could hop on a plane to vacation anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

The south of France. So many things I love concentrated in one place has always held such an allure for me. Surf, incredible coastal food, dynamic wines, and the language. Always a sucker for a French piece of writing or film.


What gives you strength?

The love of my friends and family, faith in something bigger and greater than us humans and art.


Mat or reformer?

Mat Mat Mat. But I will say that working on the reformer taught me how to work more gracefully and consciously on my mat.


What qualities do you value the most?

Kindness, loyalty, etc. Compassion, Kindness, Humour, Vulnerability, Honesty.


If you could give your younger self one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

Slow down, You're okay. And ask yourSELF the questions you keep asking other people.


What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

Acknowledging and honouring the truth of who you are and where you are at any given moment and treating yourself well from that place in and out of the studio.

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