November 30, 2017

Get to know the lovely Raina Kirn, a hustling photographer/director who has been frequenting MISFIT since 2011 with her vibrant energy. 


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Tell us a bit about your day to day hustle

I’m a photographer/director for work (one half of the team Raina+Wilson) so I'm a freelance hustler. I'm either at our studio right behind Misfit on Queen or I'm on location shooting. When I’m not shooting I’m trying to land work- promotion, mailers, blog posts, planning creatives, trying to track down the next job. Always hustling!


What's your MISFIT love story?

I first started going to the coach house back in 2011 and fell in love with the studio, the vibe, the music, the laughter, Amber J, and the teachers. It's been really awesome watching MISFIT grow and evolve.


What is it that drew you to MISFIT?

The energy of the studio, the great music, the classes that were intimate and fun. The sense of community. Amber has really cultivated a special and unique place!


Favourite MISFIT class?

I’m LOVING Bosu, Get Hot and Get Shifted these days. I love getting sweaty and jumping around, shaking shit up and not taking myself too seriously. Fusion will always be my first (and forever) love but I’m having fun exploring these new (for me) classes.


Fondest memory from a MISFIT experience?

The feeling after my first fusion class. I was hot, sweaty, and sooooo blissed out from the major serotonin boost!


Who inspires you and why?

My greatest source of inspiration has been the women in my life. Women who are kicking ass, being BOSSES, working hard, staying vulnerable amid great strength, being real and honest. I feel really lucky to have such amazing strong women in my life. I’m inspired by their passion, creativity, hard work and determination.


What do you do to stay grounded?

Get out of the city and get back to nature. Especially the forest. It’s healing, grounding, powerful, inspiring. I feel like a kid again because everything seems so magical and awe-inspiring.


Favourite self-care ritual?

Currently it’s going to see my acupuncturist. It’s been a game changer for my health and hormones. I also love cooking healthy and nourishing food. And giving myself a mini facial with masks. Also reading in bed during the day (major indulgence).


If you could develop any superpower, what would it be and why?

To Fly! I have a lot of dreams where I'm flying and its always disappointing when I wake up.


Favourite spot to brunch in the city?

Union! It’s my favourite dinner, lunch AND brunch spot.


If you could hop on a plane to vacation anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

Paris with my love! Then we’d hop a train to Amsterdam and then to Berlin. And can we add Barcelona to the trip?


What gives you strength?

Love, connection, creativity and community.


Mat or reformer?



What qualities do you value the most?

Compassion, authenticity, hard work and humility.


If you could give your younger self one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

Do more things that scare you! Do a lot of them and do them often!


What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

Being true to myself, following my intuition and seeing things in a new and different light.

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