December 28, 2017


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Get to know Emma Knight – a true wordsmith and the beautiful brains behind Greenhouse Juice's brand and cookbook. Get to know this mama-to-be and her appreciation for books, being present, and kindness.


Tell us a bit about your day-to-day hustle

I work down the street from MISFIT Ossington, at Greenhouse’s head office. I live near Queen and Roncesvalles, so an ideal day begins with a saunter along Queen, listening to the New Yorker’s fiction podcast or some such thing. I usually pick up a coffee at Jimmy’s, spike it with some warmed up Greenhouse Almond Milk at the office, and get to work. Whenever I can, I sneak out at lunch or before the evening’s meetings for a quick MISFIT moment, and return to my desk wild of hair but calm of mind.


What's your MISFIT love story? 

My first MISFIT class was a revelation. I wrote about it in this blog post for Greenhouse. I was taking a course on Digital Marketing at BrainStation at the time, and our final project was to pitch a digital marketing strategy for MISFIT to Amber and Andrea. So really, I was there as a spy, to see what exactly it was I would be “marketing,” and to whom. It was Amber’s Saturday morning Fusion class at the Queen Street space, and of course it was packed. I found a place near the back, gathered a squish ball and the lightest weighted balls, and sat cross-legged, wondering what was in store. An hour later, I was sweaty, ecstatic, and hooked.


What is it that drew you to MISFIT?

It doesn’t take itself seriously. Nobody ever says the word “abs.” From the moment you walk into the studio, you start relaxing. People are nice to each other. I always leave with my mind less jumpy, my body tingling, and my hair smelling like a séance.


Favourite MISFIT class?

Fusion. But BodyArt and Bosu are up there, too. I’ve never taken a MISFIT class I didn’t like.


Fondest memory from a MISFIT experience?

Probably the time I brought my best friend and her fiancé, who were visiting from Paris, to a Fusion class. He is a six-foot-something Frenchman who likes to run and play tennis. He isn’t the bendiest of humans. He got really into the spirit of things, and looking back at his confused but ecstatic expression while we were dancing between half-moons made me inordinately happy.


Who inspires you and why?

Every time I see Amber, I am inspired by her ability to be present. Her energy fills a room, but is also intensely focused on whatever she is doing, or whomever she is with. It strikes me as a very generous way to interact with the world.


What do you do to stay grounded?

I read. I like to inhabit other people’s brains. Creepy, but true.


Favourite self-care ritual?

Reading again. Preferably in bed or in the bath, but the streetcar works, too.


What's your spirit animal?

The flying squirrel.


If you could develop any superpower, what would it be and why?

Infinite helpfulness.


Favourite spot to brunch in the city?

Pancakes at my mom’s house. Or The Ace.


If you could hop on a plane to vacation anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

Paris. There are some people there I'd like to see.


What gives you strength?

Using the green toning balls! And loving and being loved.


Mat or reformer?

Mat for now. But one day I’ll learn to be a reformist.


What qualities do you value the most?

Curiosity, humility, and twinkling eyes.


If you could give your younger self one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

I’m about to have a baby, so she should probably be giving me some advice...


What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

Avoiding ego, and having fun.

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