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WARRIOR WOMAN | Brittany Hopkins

March 07, 2018

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Meet Warrior Woman Britt Hopkins – Jewellery Maker and owner of Anice Jewellery, our Ossington Studio neighbour and go-to for gifts for friends, family and ourselves! Britt's responses have us BUZZING – such wisdom, beauty and strength. 


Tell us a bit about your day to day hustle

My day to day hustle includes a big coffee, a power walk run/spin/misfit class, a little social media, a handful of emails, setting the mood in jewel town, tending to all of the little things you never list off that come with owning your own business, and of course: creating the jewels.


What's your MISFIT love story?

I fell in love with Misfit a few years ago when I did the fall 30 day challenge. I had been to a few classes here and there, and had gotten to know some of the misfit gals through mutual friends, but little did I know this place would be just what the doctor ordered for my bod. When I did the 30 day challenge I got to see and FEEL just how amazing the misfit method is and what healing results it had for me as a jeweller who so desperately needed to OPEN. While it is still challenging for me to keep a regular schedule with my class routine, I am so grateful to know that feeling as it will always pull me back.


What is it that drew you to MISFIT?

The welcoming energy and encouragement that oozes out the Misfit doors, across your social media platforms and most of all through the team team, is what drew me in. I appreciated the fact that this was a place for anyone who wanted to move, and seek healing and strength through that movement.


Favourite MISFIT class?

FUSION & Essentrics. Oh and Bosu because I can’t for the life of me get coordinated on that ball and it’s like my new mission in life to do so.


Fondest memory from a MISFIT experience?

Running into clients and friends in some of my first classes and realizing this is WHERE IT’S AT.


Who inspires you and why?

My grandmother is a huge inspiration to me in life, womanhood and my jewellery career. I named my jewellery brand for her (Anice) because of all of the above. She is obsessed with jewellery but more than that she is strong, she is fierce and she truly harnesses the beauty inside and out that I will always strive for.

My mother is a major inspiration to me as well. She has been in business for her whole career, starting as one of the only women in a male dominated industry, only to kick their butts and take a seat at the table herself. I thank her for my business sense and (sometimes crazy) determination that I know has aided me so much in my journey with my own business.

I am also incredibly inspired by my ever changing and ever growing team of talented jewel babes. I learn from each of them and as we continue to strengthen our team I am so grateful to have a squad so unique and inspiring, each in their own way.


What do you do to stay grounded?

To stay grounded I go back to the jewels. It might sound funny because that is also the obligation, the sales, the stress and the root of the business. For me before Anice became a brand or before I became a business lady, it was me and the jewels. If ever I am feeling I am slipping away from the essence of why I started this, or I start to compare to much to others and lose connection: a quiet morning alone in the shop, some tunes and candles, just me, creating jewellery for no other reason than to create what is in my hands or heart...the jewels bring me back. They remind me that this was first and forever my passion and I will be so lucky to have the ability to create for as long as I am supposed to.


Favourite self-care ritual?

Tea. All the candles in the house relocated to the bathroom. Bubble bath. Face mask. Silence. MAYBE a book or magazine. Literally heaven. It’s one of those things that when you’re doing it you’re thinking “why do I do anything else with my spare time other than this?”. And then life gets wild and you forget for a while, but its there and when I make a point of doing it, I do it all the way. It’s so important to make self care a priority. It’s also something I’ve made ‘easier said than done’ in the past and this is big intentional goal I have set for 2018 to shift.


What's your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is an elephant. Well, it’s my favourite animal anyway and I connect so much to the delicate yet fierce nature of the elephant. They are fiercely loyal, confident in nature, and have strong memory and communication with their fellow elephants. They also have a power personality and use it to drive off any intruders that may bring harm or threaten their family. Not to mention they also take naps whenever they see fit and I support that lifestyle fully.


If you could develop any superpower, what would it be and why?

This one is a toughy to narrow down, but if I could have a superpower mine would be to stop time. With days flying by more and more as I get older and busier and more appreciative than ever of the moment, I wish sometimes I could just stop the clock and take it all in or hold on to those moments just a little bit longer. There’s also just never enough time in the day it seems, so if I could pause time every now and then, oh the things I could accomplish!!!


Favourite spot to brunch in the city?

Hello Darling at Landsowne and Wallace. Everything is a dream. I’m also obsessed with their little nuances everywhere - little details you wouldn’t expect but that just make the experience so cute and special (decor above the stairwell when you’re walking down to the washroom, little quotes at the cash, muffins to go when you’ve paid your bill).


If you could hop on a plane to vacation anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

Playa Pelada, Nosara, Costa Rica. It is heaven on earth. I had the magical blessing of being there a few years ago and I think of our private beach, our rustic casita and the sunrises and sunsets that took my breath away, the healing air and quiet, every day.


What gives you strength?

The feeling of wanting to make a difference. Whether it be in a big way in the world (still working on that) or simply to one individual person. Touching someone’s life because a piece of jewellery brings them joy, or salvaging an old treasure from someone special to them, bringing people together to create a memory, or being responsible for two bands that will be symbols of a union of love. Not every situation is perfect or easy, or comes out as you planned, but I find strength in the trust people put in me to carry out a special project and it motivates me to do my best.


Mat or reformer?

Mat - reformer one day!


What qualities do you value the most?

I value respect and honesty, along with kindness, openness, dedication and acceptance. These can all come in different forms whether we are talking personal or professional life, but a little bit of each goes a long way and I strive to do my best (never perfect) in embodying them.


If you could give your younger self one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

Do everything you are doing because everything, even the bad stuff, even the hard stuff, is building the tapestry of your adventure and is essential in who you are as you. One piece of advice: go easy on yourself when things seem like they’re falling around you or like a mistake you made is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of time. This too shall pass. Absorb it. Learn from it. Be better and move forward. And when the next bad thing or mistake happens, look it in the eye, have a minor temper tantrum moment because you know you will anyway, but then shake it off, fix it, and keep going.

OH and do you. Because you are amazing and the amount of time you waste comparing yourself to others you would have put all that energy into something that could have changed the world for better by now. :)


What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

A mover. A shaker. Not just in the classroom, but in life. I’m inspired by the MISFITMETHOD and crew to open up, to dance and celebrate, but to work hard and build strength. Taking it from the matt out the door, into real life.



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