MISFITSTUDIO x FORTNIGHT | Q&A with Amber & Christina

We sat down with Amber & Christina to discuss the details around our much-anticipated MISFIT x FORTNIGHT collaboration.

How did the MISFITSTUDIO x Fortnight collaboration come to be?

AMBER: For years I’ve worn Fortnight pieces while teaching my classes and, not teaching out in the world. The fit, the feel, the way they flow aligns with my philosophy. It seemed to be a natural next step to evolve the classic and timeless shapes Fortnight offers into actual movement wear. I approached Christina with the idea and the rest is history! We had a shared vision and began the collaboration process.

CHRISTINA: I’ve been a huge fan of Amber and MISFITSTUDIO ever since moving the Fortnight studio to Parkdale in 2012. Amber’s classes and the world she creates are truly unique. Her personal style can be felt from the moment you step through the doors of the studio. It’s always a welcoming and inspiring place for me to return to, reconnect and realign over the years. When Amber approached me with the idea of collaborating I didn’t think twice. We both felt a natural connection between movement and foundations. We’re both inspired by the body and finding ways to help improve the relationship we as women have with our physical and emotional selves. Even though activewear was not something we’ve experimented with, we thought there was space to create something that spoke to Amber’s unique sense of style, that blurs the lines between dancewear, outerwear and lingerie. During one of our early development meetings, Amber mentioned how much she loves velvet and would like to work it into the pieces somehow. Feeling very inspired by her idea I started searching and very serendipitously, found that one of our local suppliers had recently introduced crushed, stretch velvet in their latest collection. We knew immediately the timing was right and that we were onto something special.

How would you describe the collection?

AMBER: Elegant, beautiful, unique. The feeling of not wearing anything, especially when dancing around is the ultimate freedom! This collection doesn’t suffocate your body, but rather holds things in place while allowing you to feel natural and comfortable in movement. So you can get lost in the sensation of moving.

CHRISTINA: The collection is authentic, enduring, storied, functional. It is designed to contour, support and enhance a woman’s body through movement. It’s a true fusion of both MISFITSTUDIO and Fortnight’s style and desire to help women feel connected, inspired and free.

What type of woman do you envision wearing this?

AMBER: EveryBODY! A body who wants to feel beautiful, strong and expressive in her own skin while sweating and moving. An added bonus, she can throw a skirt over top of the body suit and go out!

CHRISTINA: Women driven by a strong sense of self, independence and personal freedom. Women who are inspired by the story behind the garments they wear and curious about the world around them.

How does it stand out from other workout or dancewear?

AMBER: Inspired by old world aesthetic with classic lines and dance shapes, these pieces celebrate the beauty of the body, honouring curves and skin and holding in all the right places so you’ll never need to re-adjust in class (which is the most irritating thing).

CHRISTINA: This collection is a fusion of dancewear, lingerie and outerwear, for a unique interpretation of traditional workout wear. It’s not as much about achieving support through compression, instead tailoring and careful construction allows you to still feel and be connected with your body in movement. These pieces are more than just one thing, they’re pieces that can be transformed and interpreted by the wearer for all aspects of life.

How many items are there?

AMBER: There are four key pieces that can be worn in many different ways. I love the bottoms over a pair of tights and a t-shirt tucked in. They are high waisted which is so yummy for moving and feeling covered. The top is so delicious you may just want to wear it with jeans and nothing else! Both bodysuits make dance dreams come true. Throw on top whatever your wish and move and dance and and FAME it up, or go for it and layer tights under for an old school look that I’m all for bringing back! Think, leg warmers and headbands, yes please!


The Cutout Bodysuit. This thong bodysuit features crossed back strapping made of bonded Italian jersey. The stretch velvet front is contrasted by a power mesh back for extra movement. Two-piece vertically seamed and lined cups give amazing structure and support.

Longline Bra. An evolution of the signature longline bralette, we’ve removed the hook and eye which can be uncomfortable when doing back poses. Crossed back strapping is made of bonded Italian jersey. A reinforced front panel and outer cup lining creates added, flexible support.

Fold-Over High Waist. High cut legs and rise, these bottoms feature an elastic free waistband that’s soft and comfortable.

Racer bodysuit. This is a brand new style created exclusively for this collaboration. The racer bodysuit features a thong back for easy layering under leggings. The centre front neckline features a slight gather that provides contouring and added support.

What is the price range?

The pieces range from $68 - $168 CAD. These pieces are meant to be worn and sweat in during your favourite class.

What is the size range?

XS – Large

How do I care for it? (is it machine washable?) Is it too delicate to workout in?

AMBER: Absolutely not too delicate - these pieces are tried and true, well developed and meant to be worn over and over. Wear them to class, sweat your ass off and get lost in the movement.

CHRISTINA: Machine wash in cold water with delicate detergent. Wash with dark colours. Hang to dry. They are very durable and the fabric hugs and supports the body in the most beautiful way while still having excellent flexibility with movement.

Where can I buy these pieces?

At both MISFITSTUDIO locations and fortnightlingerie.com.

What are the different ways these pieces can be styled?

AMBER: As always, we encourage everyone to honour their uniqueness. Wear them with tights, leggings, wrap sweaters, throw jeans on top or pair with a flowy skirt or wide leg pants. There are endless ways to style these pieces.

CHRISTINA: The Thong bodysuits are designed to be worn with leggings or shorts. The Racer can easily be layered with a sports bra underneath. The Longline can be worn alone, or layer perfectly under a cutout tee. The bottoms can be worn as Amber does – over ripped up dance tights or overtop of a bodysuit. All can be creatively layered both in and out of class.

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