June 15, 2018

What is your favourite Misfitstudio x Fortnight piece and how does it make you feel in 3 words?

The Bra/Top: secure, sexy, femme

How do your Misfitstudio x Fortnight pieces enhance your experiencing it moving to the MISFITMETHOD?

They've got the same fit and comfort as traditional sportswear, except they're BLACK VELVET! It takes working out to a whole new fashionable level. We're telling the world that you can work out in whatever the hell makes you feel fierce!

Which video was your favourite to film and why? 

Get Hot is so fun to teach on and off film! I expected it to be difficult to channel the energy of a live class full, but Amber's dancing and facial expressions from behind the scenes made it easy peasy. Thanks Amber!

What is your favourite MISFIT move to get grounded?

What about to energize and lift you up? Wide Squats with Upper Body Movement: grounds me because the wide stance stimulates the feet and legs, root and sacral chakras; lifts me up because the waving action of the spine, and circular action of the arms allows that energy to flow up and out through the rest of my body and into space.

For the MISFITS who will be moving with you through video – any suggestions for how we can enhance our practice in our homes, hotels, cottages etc. to create a sacred space for movement? 

Get everything close! Your water, a fan, towel, any props you might need. Once you get started, you won't wanna stop!

Robyn's Tarot card pull


A reminder prioritize your spiritual wealth. It is easy to fall into a flat and scarcity mindset, and life becomes feels draining when we set up camp there.

A good question to ask is 'what will support you not only in a material sense, but also in a spiritual sense?' It’s time to choose to look towards those things.

When you focus on seeing potential, you’ll start to find resources in unexpected places.

Whatever situation you are in, this card asks you to remember that THIS won’t last forever.

Energy ebbs and flows.

Hard times come and go.

Do what you can, and don’t forget to ask for help!

Others want to see you thrive.

Giving yourself the support, encouragement and inner resources you need, and become curious about other ways to soothe yourself.

There is goodness to seek, if we remember to place our focus there.



December 14, 2018

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MISFIT GANG | Caitlin Ryan
MISFIT GANG | Caitlin Ryan

November 30, 2018

Meet CAIT – a beautiful soul who recently joined MISFITSTUDIO's teacher team this Fall after completing the 2018 Teacher Training program. Cait lives and breathes the MISFIT ethos – she is mindful, present, loving, and full of passion for movement and dance. Get to know Cait's wonderful story of falling in love with the MISFITMETHOD and her growth from student to teacher. 

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MISFIT GANG | Marieve Aube
MISFIT GANG | Marieve Aube

October 29, 2018

Get to know MARIEVE! Marieve completed MISFITSTUDIO Teacher Training in 2018 and started teaching with us this Fall. She brings grace and strength to every class she teaches and we are SO excited to have her join the MISFIT gang! 

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