What is your favourite Misfitstudio x Fortnight piece and how does it make you feel in 3 words?

I love my velvet bodysuit. It makes me feel fierce, elegant and lithe.

How do your Misfitstudio x Fortnight pieces enhance your experiencing it moving to the MISFITMETHOD?

My Misfitstudio x Fortnight pieces are an added layer of confidence. When I wear my bodysuit I feel like I become the superhuman version of myself. The velvet is luxurious, and has a mysterious sheen to it. The mesh keeps me cool even in the sweatiest classes. I can freely move and embody my graceful but powerful animal within.

Which video was your favourite to film and why? 

I loved filming Lindsay’s Get Sweaty Bosu video. It was the last one we shot, and we were all fired up and perhaps slightly loopy from the momentum of ALLLL the videos and supporting each other. I think it really comes across how much FUN we are having and how we all truly believe in the joy that movement can bring into our lives!

What is your favourite MISFIT move to get grounded?

I love WARRIOR SNAKES to get grounded. The opposition of feeling strong in my legs but free and wild in my spine makes me feel alive.

I love THROWs to energize me and lift me up. With LOTS of audible release.

For the MISFITS who will be moving with you through video – any suggestions for how we can enhance our practice in our homes, hotels, cottages etc. to create a sacred space for movement? 

I’d recommend truly setting up a space for yourself where you will be free from distractions. Do yourself a favour and have your cell phone in another room. We spend so much time distracted and half-present as we walk around in the world. As Oprah says, the most valuable gift you can give yourself is TIME to be FULLY present. To add onto that, by giving yourself the time to sit with yourself and be there, you will find you can make the space to really show up for the people and communities around you as well.

Rachel's Tarot card pull


THE WORLD (upside down)

Symbolizing infinite wholeness.

There is balance, peace, expansion, and wholeness present. The light of day and the dark starry night reflecting the embodiment of the shadow and light of our own being.

Such depth and beauty of oneself exists not because we deny one or grasp another, but because we see how both light and dark are serving our highest expression of being.

This card is a reflection of living fully.

To learn, grow, and discover our depth of being is the greatest gift of this life that is revealing itself each day.

Through our darkness we dive into the subconscious, it is only there we witness our light and allow harmony to exist.

The World card is signifying a maturing and depth that has come from all that has been experienced and a completion of a cycle that has given birth to a greater understanding of oneself.

The World card is a recognition that yes you are using your gifts and they are expanding and being shared more openly and will continue to bloom.

The World card comes when we are excited, full, whole, and content with our process while we continue to learn, grow, and expand with all of our experiences.

Upside down, we are being asked to be honest, to check in, where has the balance shifted off centre.

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