What is your favourite Misfitstudio x Fortnight piece and how does it make you feel in 3 words?

I had the chance to wear the strappy body suit for the videos, and I love it. Playful Soft Dramatic 

How do your Misfitstudio x Fortnight pieces enhance your experiencing it moving to the MISFITMETHOD?

The support the bodysuits offer is amazing, never once did I feel like I had to adjust or fiddle with the fitting. During all the big sweeping arm movements and dancing I was very comfortable and felt like I looked good too!

Which video was your favourite to film and why? 

This is tough, we shot a lot of cardio classes this time and they were all super fun. It's a toss up between Rachel's Get Elevated or teaching BOSU.

What is your favourite MISFIT move to get grounded?

To ground, always extension over the ball with deep breathing. Many of the moves in Fusion energize me, Zippers, Dancing Moon, the entire class is like a reset for me. I always leave feeling like I can take on anything after.

For the MISFITS who will be moving with you through video – any suggestions for how we can enhance our practice in our homes, hotels, cottages etc. to create a sacred space for movement? 

Set your space, clear or tidy an area so that you won't be distracted. I like to light some incense and take a moment for myself before I move at home. If you're travelling, try choosing or making a talisman, an object that comforts you, brings you home, or that you can set an intention with. Talismans act as a reminder of something you are working towards and can be very helpful.

Lindsey's Tarot card pull


How we feel in this very moment is everything.

If we are pining for a better tomorrow or better future we will always be putting our life in the hands of an imagined state of joy.

When we relax into the moment, not wait for another moment to relax into….we see there is an immediate content and joy here.

When this relaxation in now is felt, we start living a miraculous life.

What happens here is there is a naturalness in all movement.

We stop thinking so hard about what we should do with our life and relax into present moment creativity. This springs forth the most raw and authentic unfolding which doesn’t need to be planned or strategically executed. The stream of life is already flowing. All we have to do is drop in and start swimming. When we are out of this stream of life we are heavy and constricted where no inspiration can flow. The Seven of Wands says burn bright and stay with this power that is felt inside. This light which burns will always guide us. This light is Grace. Grace moves all that is here.

This is why we don’t have to worry or be frightened.

We can be as we are.

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