What is your favourite Misfitstudio x Fortnight piece and how does it make you feel in 3 words?

Top + bottom set (with tights): Free, vibrant, powerful.

How do your Misfitstudio x Fortnight pieces enhance your experiencing it moving to the MISFITMETHOD?

Having the freedom to move with ease is a beautiful feeling. Over the 3 decades I've worn dance and movement wear, not having to constantly adjust while moving is really special. Teaching and dancing and sweating in elegant pieces that hold me in all the right places deepens my experience of getting lost in the magic of movement.

Which video was your favourite to film and why? 

Allllll of them!!!!!

What I love MOST about the MISFITMETHOD is the highs and lows. 

Our movement covers the spectrum of HOW to move. Calm and quiet, loud and ballistic, soothing and strengthening, its too challenging to choose a fave they all heal me!

What is your favourite MISFIT move to get grounded?

To get grounded, the entire MISFITMETHOD sequence, childs pose, side stretch, lateral opening and sweep, arm thread, arm circles, cat cow, down dog, walk to forward fold, full body circles, palms together, pressed to heart, calm breath attuning to heart beat.

To energize, a little mini GET SHIFTED, up and overs, grapevines, jacks, sound vibration, audiable release, alllll to loud heart pumping music


Florence remix of Dog Days Are Over!

For the MISFITS who will be moving with you through video – any suggestions for how we can enhance our practice in our homes, hotels, cottages etc. to create a sacred space for movement? 

Set space by burning a shit ton of Palo Santo, set up a plant, a few crystals, something that creates atmosphere

and set intention

mind quieting breath work

practice the art presence.

Amber's Tarot card pull


An invitation to say yes.

Primal energy, intuition, is not hinting and giving subtle little signs.

The inner voice is loud and clear. 

If you don’t move this energy it will die, it is asking for movement.

The invitation is to focus this energy on the creative idea, the new spark, whatever you may already be working.

Focusing energy daily on this vision or idea that is present will feed the fire and extend its life. 

If you are feeding the fire you will be nourishing and balancing without trying, it has the opportunity to become effortless. All the aspects of your being that are flowering are pushing through your limitations to create the vision you can already feel.

Allow. Allow. And keep allowing.

Intuitively, you do not need to think that much about it, you already can feel how to move.

Simply act and put energy forth daily.

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