MISFIT PODCASTS | Our Current Faves

MISFIT PODCASTS | Our Current Faves

November 24, 2017

Beyond movement and play, the MISFIT community is all about exchanging wisdom – whether it be through opening up and sharing in a workshop, pre-class chatter, or on our new BLOG! We thought we'd round up some of our favourite podcasts that get us feeling inspired, grounded, and uplifted. 


AMANDA | Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

"Juliet Allen is an Australian sex, relationship coach and tantra practitioner and I LOVE her podcast, Authentic Sex. She endorses an empowering and holistic approach to sexuality. Cultivating a healthy, ecstatic and present relationship to our sexuality can enhance every part of our lives... From practical info on sex and relationships, to the energetic and philosophical...oh oh and also sex magic rituals; it's really inspiring!"


RACHEL | Katy Says with Katy Bowman

"Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and author with an enthusiasm for movement. Her book Movement Matters changed the way I live and think about movement. I love her podcast because she blends humour with a little sass and intellect in order to explain complex issues in our tissues. The latest episodes are all breaking down her books, so go back a little deeper in the catalogue for a true flavour of what she’s about. One that might be timely as the seasons change is episode 37 - Moving Through the Winter."



This American Life, Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham, Invisibilia by NPR | "I like listening to these because they are mostly stories about peoples lives – real people. It's nice to listen to and get insight from so many different perspectives."

Tarot for the Wild Soul | "Amber turned me on to this.  Lindsay Mak really explains what is going on astrologically in a really relatable way."


NATALIE | Sounds True: Insights at the edge with Tami Simon

"Tami Simon's in-depth audio interview podcasts with leading spiritual teachers and luminaries. Listen in as they explore their latest challenges and breakthroughs—the leading edge of their life and work. Love this podcast because it showcases the broad range of work that is happening in real time in the world by the vast population of healers and teachers."


RAYISA | RadioLab

"I listened to this podcast a few months ago and was very touched by the story. Perhaps the fact that I live in a condo with big windows made me relate - the idea of watching, the connection we can find with a complete stranger just through observation."



Synchronicity with Noah Lampert | "Synchronicity is a cool podcast with lots of Astro insights, philosophical ideas of life and interesting questions about living with mindfulness.

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations | "Oprah – need I say more!!"

Tara Brach | "She is my saviour she is my mentor she is a living breathing Buddhist who inspires with her realness!"


Happy listening, MISFITS!



April 25, 2018

We're HONOURED to have Rachel share her experience with MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE – how movement has supported, nurtured and healed her through life and its challenges. Thank you Rachel for opening up and giving us a glimpse into your experience – we're so inspired!


Image credit: Patrick Leung

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WARRIOR WOMAN | Nicole Balsom
WARRIOR WOMAN | Nicole Balsom

April 21, 2018

Meet Nicole – a member of our tribe who sings and writes under the artist name Olive B (check her out!!!) With a new album dropping this week, we thought there was no better time so get to know this talented creative whose positive presence frequents the studios 3+ times a week. 

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MISFIT GANG | Kathryn Gilmore
MISFIT GANG | Kathryn Gilmore

April 11, 2018

Meet KATHRYN, affectionately known as GILMORE around the studio. Gilmore lights up the studio with her quirky, kind, and encouraging vibes. Her classes are fun and challenging, while her spunk and Gilmore-isms make you forget you've been doing arm circles for over a minute. Get to know Gilmore!

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