Our May roundup of content that INSPIRES – the blog posts, podcasts and articles that make us THINK, MOVE us or look at LIFE a little differently.

How to dance your way to a Julianne Hough-level core | Well + Good

"With dancing, there are little tiny muscles that I feel like I get to work when I’m moving my whole body in a fluid motion.” Learn about the dance and ab connection!

Dr. Michael Levine – The internet affects our body image & dealing with negative thoughts | Life, Unrestricted Podcast

Michael P. Levine is an absolute expert in the field of eating disorders, and he is still working on informing people regarding research, advocacy and activism related to eating disorders prevention, body image, public health, dietetics/nutrition, community, health psychology and social work. A truly eye-opening episode!

5 brilliant observations about fitness and body image from Lena Dunham | Well + Good

“As I get older, I’m realizing more and more that it doesn’t really matter if I’m good at it, it just matters that I try. My own effort, my own willingness, are becoming what’s appealing to me.” REAL TALK. 

Melanie Klein on yoga and body image | Mindful Strength Podcast

Melanie and Kathryn explore the societal systems we must work to dismantle in an effort to live our most authentic and empowered lives. 

Exercise is better than Xanax: How workouts banish worries | Well + Good

“Think of exercise being dosed through your body as a medicine,” he explains. “If you take a medicine today, the effects on your system usually last 18–24 hours. The effects of exercise are similar in that if more than 24 hours go by without stimulating the system, the effects wear off.” Preach preach preach!

In conversation: Barack Obama + Misty Copeland | Time

 A wonderful conversation between Barack and Misty sharing their experience as multi-racial individuals who have risen to the pinnacle of institutions that have historically been led by whites. 

How Can I Still Love My Body If I Want To Get to a Healthier Place? with Registered Dietitian Holley Grainger | Body Kindness Podcast

An interesting and thoughtful discussion on diet culture – how it keeps you stuck in an "I’m not good enough" mental place and believing our body is a "problem".

Eating Addiction: How meditation helps free us | Tara Brach

An exploration of how, through RAIN, we can bring mindfulness and self-compassion to compulsive eating, giving us more choice in our behaviour.

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